Support for the orphans

‚ÄčIndia has over 20 millions orphans, many live on the streets and dig through trash for food scraps.  They are vulnerab‚Äčle to be captured by sex traffickers or forced into child labor. Please help to save 1 child from this fate and give them a future and a hope.  

Sponsoring Medical Camps

We have brought in medical teams to help those in need without medical care. 

Providing clean drinking water

We have provided bore wells in many of the tribal areas.  Help us to give a gift of clean water, which many of us take for granted.  

Encouraging volunteers.

We encourage volunteers to visit us and work with us.  You will be blessed working with people in such dire need in so many areas.   

Building schools

We plan to build our own schools in the slum areas and teach English and disciple the children in the Christian faith.  

Caring for the Widows and the Aged

Give India Hope brought an optometrist to an Widow's Home to examine their eyes.  These ladies were so happy to know that they would be able to see again.  Help us to give the gift of sight.  

Jesus Holy Church started these projects to care for the social needs of the impoverished people in the Andra Pradesh areas of India.   Please see a more detailed description of our projects on this webpage.

Our projects include:  support to orphans; starting Child Development Centers; helping the Widows and the Aged; working among tribals; providing clean drinking water; building schools, sponsoring medical camps; teaching the tailoring trade and inviting volunteers to work with us in these areas.  

Teaching the Tailoring Trade

We have a program to teach the tailoring trade to help give them a way to earn a living and get out of poverty.  

Starting Child Development Centers

Since 2014, we have started 3 Child Development Centers in the slum areas.  These centers were established to help these children end the cycle of poverty.  We teach the children English to give them an advantage of a better future when they grow up.  We tutor them in their school work and provide them with a hot meal. Most importantly we disciple them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Help us to change a child's life and help to give them a brighter future.