My mission trip to India changed my life.  I couldn't come back to my spoiled life in America and forget about them.   I may have physically left India, but my heart is still with by those brothers and sisters and I am committed to helping them have a better life.  

It is so rewarding to help those who are in need.  Working with these children was a special gift for me. 

We need men and women to help us transform India for Christ by serving as volunteers at GIVE INDIA HOPE.  An effort, as small as spending time helping others, can go a long way in bringing change in lives of many. The sheer feeling of fulfillment or joy that you get by lending a helping hand to people and organizations can be quite overwhelming.

We at GIVE INDIA HOPE, provide you with the opportunity to participate in projects including: community development, children’s education, church planting ministries, health care, and many more opportunities. We aim to improve the living conditions of the locals in India and need your support for doing so. These projects will not only help the less fortunate but also help you as a volunteer to know another culture and make new friends for life.

A community coordinator 
A healthcare services consultant 
An awareness activist 
A child specialist 
A self-employment coordinator
A caretaker for disabled or orphaned children
A medical worker
A project interviewer
A fundraiser
A writer
A photographer
A counselor
A teacher
A trainer
A construction worker
A construction engineer

There are numerous other opportunities to help out.  . 

Join us and help transform a life!   

Please consider NOW.

Help us raise awareness of the unimaginable living conditions in India.  Be a blessing to the needy. YOU CAN make a difference.  As a volunteer in India, you can contribute as: