Welcome to Give India Hope.

Too many children don't have enough to eat and dig through garbage for food. 

Give India Hope provides medical 

camps for the elderly. 

  I MPACT  the world

     Change a life FOREVER

        and for generations to come. 

GIVE INDIA HOPE has been established by Jesus Holy Church Ministries.  For almost 30 years this ministry has reached out to the impoverished areas in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  

We have worked in over 300 remote villages.  In many villages people live in the forest.  We are reaching out to the darkest and most desolate sections of our society.  Please see our Project Areas below to see the work we have done.  But there are so many more to reach.  Please help by providing support to those in desperate need.  . 

Jesus Holy ChurchMinistries 

Please help the orphans have a roof over their heads and a meal everyday.  .

Impact the world -

             change a life forever

                     and for generations to come.

Child Devopment Centers were started in the slum areas.  There the children are fed a meal, tutored with their school work, and are taught the English language.  Public schools do not teach English.  Without English the cycle of poverty will continue.  Please help to change this generation and generations to come.  Your help will have a multiplication effect.  

YOU can make a difference.  

Thosands die each year drinking dirty water.

Give India Hope put in bore wells to provide clean drinking water to many villages.