Build Schools for Children.

India is one of the most difficult countries for children to grow up in, especially if they're born into a poor family. With a large population living well below the poverty line, most children grow up without basics such as housing, sufficient food, and education. Every minute of the day, children suffer. Child labor, child trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and many other forms of violence and abuse are commonplace. Millions of children do not have the privilege to go to school due to extreme poverty.

The GIVE INDIA HOPE Foundation has a vision to provide education to hundreds of impoverished children of India. Without help, there is no escaping this torturous fate. But with the help of donors, the suffering ends. We are working in the middle of Tribal and Dalit communities in remote areas and in city slum areas in our state. Ninety-nine percent of Tribal and Dalit slum children if they go to school attend government schools.

According to a 2006 UN Special Report on the Right to Education, “Tribal and Dalit children face considerable hardships in schools, including discrimination, discouragement, exclusion, alienation, physical and psychological abuse, and even segregation, from both their teachers and fellow students”.

In response to their plea, we established a GIVE INDIA HOPE project tor Tribal and Dalit slum areas. With an enduring commitment to raise awareness and focus resources for four transformational pillars of programming, that working together are bringing freedom for the Tribal and Dalit children, These four areas are: Education, Healthcare, Economic Development, and Social Justice. Education is the backbone of our Fourfold Community Transformation Model and functions as the hub of activity in any village. This is a long term project to build a school in these remote areas. This school will teach English and equip them for a better future.

Please pray to provide support to build a school. Five year budget for one remote area school: $141,100.

Our Trust has permission to receive funds from Foreign Contributions, any Foreign Trust, or Foundation, as well as company donations. Please come forward to support or start a school project.