Manipur Mission

GIVE INDIA HOPE team has visited manipur so more about the hardships that were faced by the people. There are about 75 relief camps for people who ran away from their homes and came away from danger zones from 200-400 miles to save their lives there were hundreds of people in each relief camp with no proper needs , no electricity but there only hope is on jesus and after seeing their conditions and meeting them personally we came to know there were mothers who lost their children,children who their parents , some became single parents also we even met people in hospitals they wounded with bullets ,some in critical conditions with hands legs been cut off which was horrible situation and the way we travelled was totally worse we saw big boulders falling from the mountains roads filled mud always raining but with the grace of god we went to many relief camps purchased about $15000 medical needs , medicines , food , bed ,blankets , emergency personal needs for women , protective sheets from mosquitos and we gave to the people in relief camps and finally we saw many beautiful smiles on the faces of the people who went through hard times,lost people ,no homes ,no place to live ,no food but through their weeping we with our church family were able to give them a beautiful smile for a moment.

So I urge to help the people of manipur with funds if god has spoken to you and we also planing to go once more to manipur and want help even more people . If god has touched to you be a part in bringing the smile on the people of manipur. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.