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We prayerfully invite you to help us provide assistance to the impoverished people of India. There are many ways in which you can partner with us.

The most important way you can help is to pray. Consistent fervent prayer is crucial to the success of Give India Hope.
Financial support is critical to change lives. For less than the cost of a family meal at a nice restaurant, you can support an orphan, or a poor child for an entire month. There are also numerous other financial support opportunities to make a difference.
Inform and introduce GIH's Vision and Mission to families, friends, churches and organizations. Refer them to our website
You are most welcome to visit our Give India Hope Mission Center. Many individuals from different countries have visited and been blessed to see so many changed lives.
Become a representative in your country to help raise and collect funds for this missionary work. Email us about this possibility.
Volunteer to assist with the children, the elderly, or other relief and community projects of Give India Hope.
Invite us to come to your church or organization. Provide opportunities for us to present the work of Give India Hope to you. There is nothing like you and your congregation or organization seeing and hearing from us firsthand the work we do in India.