Medical Camps.

Health problems are acute among the tribal communities. The impoverished do not receive proper medical care. There are no doctors in some of the rural areas. Often they do not go to the hospital, sometimes negligence cost them their lives. Tribal health problems, especially those concerning women and children, are often left unattended and the illnesses get worse.

With an emphasis on preventive and curative measures of health, GIVE INDIA HOPE concentrates on the immediate health needs, along with teaching the tribal community preventive health measures and behavioral changes. GIVE INDIA HOPE holds medical/dental camps deep in the interior for tribal people and poor communities that do not have easy access to medical assistance. We invite medical professionals to come and be His extended hand. DONATIONS for providing free clinics, medicines and surgeries are welcome.

Give India Hope has medical camps for the elderly. We brought an eye doctor to a Widow's Home in Giddalur. The women were so appreciative to have the gift of sight again.