Support Orphans

More than 400 million children live in India, more than any other country in the world. An estimated 26 million of these children are orphans and live in the streets. Often, these children's daily lives consist of begging and digging through trash for scraps of food before searching nightly for a safe place to sleep on the street. Many inevitably turn to crime or prostitution to survive. These children are in need of a home, a school, a teacher, a future and a hope. Help us support these orphans and continue to give them a place to call home.

GIVE INDIA HOPE is dedicated to making a difference in these children's lives by providing a home, clothing, schooling and medical care. Our goal is to reach 25,000 children by year 2020. There are currently millions of children waiting for support. Some of these children come from families that are so poor that they don't even have enough money for food on a daily basis. Others are orphans who have no family to care for them. How wonderful it is to realize that with a little help and a few sacrifices, we can make a huge difference and positive impact in the life of someone who otherwise would never have a chance in life.

At just $50 per month, you can sponsor an orphan child. An orphanage with 100 children can be sponsored with a benevolent gift of $5,000 per month.