Teaching Tailoring.

Poverty remains widespread in India's struggling economy. Widows are especially vulnerable to unemployment and poverty. About 310 million Indians (28% of the population) live on less than US$ 0.24 a day, way below the poverty line. Most rural women are destitute, abused, oppressed and marginalized. Please help widows and other women learn a skill that they can use to support themselves and their children. GIVE INDIA HOPE has a vision to start tailoring classes. This will provide ongoing support to help villagers learn a trade such as sewing or tailoring. Tailoring work will give them a life-saving opportunity and provide income to come out from poverty.

It costs only $150 to buy a sewing machine. Every day some 40-50 women can learn dress making, cutting, embroidery, needle work, textile painting and fashion design, etc. The most important and the greatest gift these poor women will receive is the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please provide a gift of $150 to buy a sewing machine and/or money to send some of these destitute women to a tailoring class.

Three months of training for 30 village women and a sewing machine for the project cost: $10,000.